Fit and healthy with BKK PwC

All those interested in sports are in the right place here. Because if you like to do something for your health, pay attention to your fitness and like to go to the gym, here you will find information on how you can get a subsidy.

You can attend a prevention course. The basic prerequisite is that the course instructor is registered at the central testing laboratory for prevention and that you take part in it regularly.

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If I want to do additional preventive sports, what do I have to consider?

You are welcome to take part in a prevention course. What exactly is a prevention course? It should prevent and that is why the course instructors have to be certified accordingly.

You can find courses near you here

What costs will I have to pay?

Course fees can vary greatly. But the fact is, if you have attended a course regularly (at least 80%) we will refund the costs up to max. 300 €.

How do I get my grant reimbursed by BKK PwC?

At the end of your course you will receive a confirmation of participation. Please submit it to us, we will refund our share to your account.

How often can I attend a prevention course?

You can take a prevention course 2 times a year and get a refund of up to 300 €.

Welcome to Germany!

In Germany, you have to choose a health insurance. BKK PwC is a statutory health insurance for employees of PricewaterhouseCoopers. We will advise you in all matters of the German health insurance system.

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