Your Electronic Health Insurance Card

Whenever you go to the doctor, dentist or need hospital treatment, you must present your electronic health insurance card (eGK). To create your insurance card, we’ll need a passport photo of you that clearly shows your face. Please carry your card always with you, as you must show it everytime you visit a doctor or hospital. Otherwise you may be rejected.

The first production of new cards takes about 15-20 days from the date your photo is uploaded, but if you need to replace a loss damage card, just get in touch with BKK PwC and within 10-14 days you receive your new eGK.

Send your Passport Photo

After signing the membership application, you’ll receive in 3 business days later a letter in your mail box at home. Please return the letter back with your affix photo. There are a few options to this said letter.

  1. By post with the enclosed envelope at no cost.
  2. Via Email after scanning the photo as a JPEG file. Please mention your full name and date of birth.
  3. Deliver in person at the BKK office.
  4. By upload on our homepage.


Why do I need a picture?

The picture allows you to be identified with your electronic health insurance card (eGK) and insures that no unauthorized person uses your card. Children under 15 years don’t need a picture yet.

For what can I use the health insurance card?

You need to show the card whenever you visit a doctor, dentist, physician or hospital. The eGK allows doctors to bill their services directly with the health insurance fund. Be informed that each family member you have applied for insurance receives their own electronic health card (eGK).

Which data are stored on the card?

Only your Name, Address, Date of Birth and your health insurance number are stored on the card.

Do I have to carry the card with me at all times?

Yes! It’s imperative to carry the card with you always. The doctor can refuse treatment without presenting the card. Your doctor needs the card for each visit with the aim of settling accounts with your health insurance company.

Download Fact Sheet on Health Insurance Card

Welcome to Germany!

In Germany, you have to choose a health insurance. BKK PwC is a statutory health insurance for employees of PricewaterhouseCoopers. We will advise you in all matters of the German health insurance system.

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