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You are now working for a German company which also means that you have to take care of many things in Germany. This includes health insurance for you and your family.

The German health insurance system is very complex and there is a lot to consider! That’s why my employees and I are here for you. BKK PwC is a health insurance for employees of PricewaterhouseCoopers. We will advise and support you in all matters of health insurance during your working hours, and we are happy to do this in English, too!

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Working in Germany – Health insurance for foreign workers

Generally: an employee is insured within the country of their workplace. The German health insurance system is characterised by the dual system of income.

Income < 5,775 €

Statutory health insurance
  • Principle of solidarity: every insured person pays the same percentage of his income as a premium.
  • BKK PwC: 16.08 % paid by the insured person (8.04 %) and the employer (8.04 %).
  • Premiums are calculated up to the so-called “contribution ceiling” (2024: 5,175.00 € monthly).
  • Family members without an own income are covered free of charge and can access the same benefits as the members themselves.
  • Not permitted to make a profit.

90 % of Germans are part of the statutory health insurance system.

Income > 5,775 €

You can choose between private health insurance or statutory health insurance

(private Krankenversicherung – PKV)

  • You can be privately insured if the monthly gross income exceeds the income threshold for statutory insurance (2024: 5,775 € monthly).
  • The fees of a private health insurance are calculated depending on your state of health, age and the insurance tariff. The private health insurance can even charge you a risk premium for your health or even deny to insure you.
  • The fees of a private health insurance are not regulated by the government.
  • Services can also be adapted for each policyholder individually, but for each person insured you have to pay a separate fee. The private health insurance does not insure you family just for one fee like in the statutory system.
  • The insured person first pays all treatment costs on it’s own and the insurance company will then reimburse the costs upon submission of the bill.

Welcome to Germany!

In Germany, you have to choose a health insurance. BKK PwC is a statutory health insurance for employees of PricewaterhouseCoopers. We will advise you in all matters of the German health insurance system.

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