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Every person living in Germany is obliged to have a German health insurance. Employees with a certain income can switch to private health insurance. But be careful! Returning to statutory health insurance is very difficult and subject to strict conditions. Therefore, the step into the private insurance (PKV) should be well considered. Private health insurance contributions depend on your age, your current state of health and the desired benefits. Each individual family member pays their own contributions while the family insurance is the statutory health insurance fund (spouse and/or children without income) is free and your contribution is based on your gross income. The solidarity principle applies here.

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Family insurance

Spouses and/or children are insured free of charge if they do not earn an income on their own. This applies to family members who live in Germany and have their habitual residence in the country. For children, there is an age limit in the family insurance (up to 23 years, students up to 25 years). If your spouse starts working, he or she can become a member as well. You will receive an annual family questionnaire to check whether the conditions are still fulfilled. It is very important to complete the questionnaire and return it to BKK PwC, otherwise your family's insurance may be revoked.

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BKK PwC – is it a private health insurance?

No! BKK (Company Health Insurance) is a statutory health insurance fund. The contributions are based on your gross salary and are deducted directly from your gross income by HR. The contributions are subsidized with 50% and your part is also 50%. In Germany long-term care insurance is required by law and is also subsidized with 50% by the employer.

Do I have to take out insurance in Germany?

If you’re employed in Germany, it’s by law to have a German health insurance.

What do I have to do to be insured with BKK PwC?

In most cases, you will receive the contact details of a BKK employee from the relocation office or HR. After the first contact you’ll receive relevant information and the membership application. Please send the completed and signed form back to BKK. Within a short time, you’ll get the membership certificate. You don't need to worry about any further steps, an automatic notification from BKK PwC will be sent to HR as a proof of membership.

Is my family automatically insured?

No! Please inform BKK PwC about your spouse and/or children. You’ll get a family questionnaire for the co-insurance. As long as your spouse and/or children have no income of their own, family insurance is free of charge. (This only applies to family members who live in Germany and have their usual residence in the country).

Why do I get the family questionnaire every year?

The health insurance fund is obliged by law to review the family insurance annually. It is very important to complete the questionnaire and return it to BKK PwC, otherwise the family insurance will be terminated, and your family will have no insurance covered. Don't be afraid! BKK PwC will be happy to assist you fill out the questionnaire.

Welcome to Germany!

In Germany, you have to choose a health insurance. BKK PwC is a statutory health insurance for employees of PricewaterhouseCoopers. We will advise you in all matters of the German health insurance system.

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