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We want to support you during the pregnancy and after the birth of your child. In this special time, you are allowed to get certain benefits. The services during pregnancy and maternity include, for example:

  • Medical Care and Midwife Assistance
    A good prevention during and after pregnancy is essential. We not only take care of the best possible maternity care, but also support your safe pregnancy with other great services.

  • Maternity Pay
    Maternity allowance pay protects pregnant women from financial disadvantages during their maternity leave.

FAQ Medical Care and Midwife Assistance

Who takes care of me during and after my pregnancy?

If you are pregnant, please consult a gynecologist. The doctor will determine your pregnancy, the expected date of birth and guides you through the pregnancy. Accredited gynecologists can be found at the following homepage:


In addition to your doctor, you can also be supported by a midwife. To find a midwife, you can ask your gynecologist or the hospital where the delivery is planned.

What kind of treatments are covered by BKK PwC?

Usually you don’t have to pay a bill from the doctor or hospital in advance. Contract partners bill the BKK PwC directly. Often additional treatments are offered by the doctor, which you must pay by yourself. If you receive a private invoice, we can check if a refund is possible. The medical care and midwife assistance include for example:

Medical care

  • Identification and monitoring of high-risk pregnancies
  • Ultrasound diagnostics (three ultrasounds can be paid by your health insurance card)
  • Laboratory diagnostics to exclude infectious diseases, o e. g. examination for rubella, Hepatitis B or HIV
  • Examination and consultation after birth

Midwife assistance

  • Support during pregnancy
  • Birth assistance
  • Support for woman in the first week after birth
  • Advice on breastfeeding problems
  • Birth preparation course
  • Post-natal gymnastics


For women who are at the hospital for childbirth, all medical necessary services are covered by your health insurance card and no co-payments are required.

Please note that if you choose additional services such as a single room or chief physician treatment at the hospital, you will receive a private invoice. These services are not reimbursable by BKK PwC.

Do I have to inform BKK PwC about my pregnancy?

Unfortunately we are not automatically informed about your pregnancy. For employees the doctor will certify the expected date of birth for the employer. It´s important to make sure, that the BKK PwC will receive a copy of this to send you all information about benefits while pregnancy, just in time. We need the certificate to calculate your maternity leave and maternity allowance.

FAQ Maternity Allowance

Who receives maternity allowance?

To provide financial security for pregnant women, insured women in an employment receive maternity allowance. Even if you get “Arbeitslosengeld I/ unemployment benefit I”, you can receive maternity allowance.

More related info:


How long is the claim valid of maternity allowance?

Maternity allowance will be paid regularly for 6 weeks before the expected date of birth and 8 weeks after the birth (in the event of multiple, premature birth or the birth of a disabled child, the allowance will be paid for 12 weeks after the birth).

What is the amount of maternity allowance?

Within maternity leave you will receive up to 13 € every calendar day. Your employer will pay the difference to your net salary.

When do I have to apply for maternity allowance?

As soon as you receive the certificate of the expected date of birth. Please send a copy to your BKK PwC and your employer. We will automatically send you the application for maternity allowance 7 weeks before the expecting date of birth. We will also contact your employer to calculate the maternity allowance. As soon as we have received all documents you will receive the payment for the first 6 weeks.

Please send us the certificate of birth as soon as possible after childbirth. Afterwards you will receive the payment for the 8 or 12 weeks after birth (see the explanation above). We will also send you a certificate for the “Elterngeldstelle/ parent allowance office”. You need this certificate to apply for the parent allowance.

Where can I apply for “Elterngeld/parent allowance” and “Elternzeit/parental leave”?

“Parent allowance” is paid by the “Parent allowance office”. Which office is responsible for you, depends on the federal state and town you are living in. You can find the right office at the following homepage:


You must inform your employer about the planed “parantal leave”. The employer must approve it.

BKK PwC wishes you a beautiful pregnancy and all the best for your family!

Welcome to Germany!

In Germany, you have to choose a health insurance. BKK PwC is a statutory health insurance for employees of PricewaterhouseCoopers. We will advise you in all matters of the German health insurance system.

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